How to choose scientific journals? Find, evaluate and select it.

Targeting the best journals is a complex issue, compounded by the emerging changes in the publishing landscape, the new issues in research assessment and Open Science ambition of European Commission. 

The goal of the course is is to learn how to analyze and compare scientific journals starting from a real problem.

TARGET Early-career researchers, Doctoral and post-doctoral students

DURATION 30 h workload (9 h live workshops, 21 h individual and group activities) ; 6 weeks

TIME September-November 2021

PLACE elearning platform

At the end of the course learners will be able to:

  • find scientific journals by topic or discipline
  • evaluate the quality of scientific journal
  • acknowledge the news issues in research assessment practices
  • acquire effective strategies
  • acquire aweareness about habits and behaviour in this field

Leaflet of the Course

The course will be delivered in different countries, for details on start dates and enrollment go to the following pages.