Training Italy – A bit of statistics

Our pilot Course in Italy is starting today, as you know we received lots of applications and unfortunately we could not accept you all. Now that the enrollement is over we gave a look to all your Forms. Eighty-five people wanted to attend the course and only twenty-eight could be taken in, but don’t dispair we are sure there will be other courses after our training of trainers.

The larger part of the requests, sixty-three out of eighty-five, came from seven different universities from Bari to Parma, while 23 came from eleven CNR research institutes.

The research areas were really manifold, in and beyond STEM disciplines. We reached mainly Biologists and Chemists, but we have a fair group of applications from Engineers and even from Psychologists.

The applicants went all the way from level R1 up to the PhD to R4 Leading Researchers, with a wider group of 56 First Stage Researchers.

Where we asked the reason of the subscription, the most of the applications referred to a personal interest  in Information Literacy, and the same number stated that they think information literacy could be important for their future careers. Some of the forms also declare a lack of knowledge or training in Information Literacy.

So within that, good luck if you got in and stay tuned if you are interested in other countries’ training courses.