Focus group “Perception and experience in using technical scientific information in research work”

The aim of the focus group is to explore how researchers perceive and experience the use of scientific and technical information (STI) at work. In particular, how workers use and experience information are dependent on or shaped by the context, such as work tasks, on-the-job experiences, and social aspects.

Each partner organization hosted and managed a focus group with specific characteristics since July. Each group was led by a moderator through an open discussion structured around a set of predetermined questions. The participants were doctoral students and/or junior and/or senior researchers (academic or not academic) dealing with a STEM discipline (all of them the same discipline).

The results will be used for writing Chapter 3 of Comparative Report.

You find down below the list of Focus group organized in each country:

Focus group with physics researchers of CNR (Italy)

Focus group with chemistry researchers of CNR (Italy)

Focus group with engineering researchers of University of Minho (Portugal)

Focus group with agronomy researchers of University of Liège (Belgium)

Focus group with researchers in EURECAT (Spain)