Intensive Course. “Methodologies for embedding IL into scientific studies” @Liège

First short-term joint staff training event

16-17-18 December 2019 – Partners learn from each other different methodologies and approaches and have opportunities to debate and share ideas about the different issues. In Liège the course, also open to local participants, consists in theoretical explanation and practical demonstration of embedding Information Literacy in technical and scientific university courses.

The University of Liège guides the training informing about IL methodology both from educational and from technical point of views, and share information about successful examples of IL courses in scientific sectors.

Moreover, the IL framework of the University of Liège (Référentiel cinq piliers de la maîtrise del’information scientifique/five pillars of IL) is presented to the group. Participants are invited to debate about the teaching of IL connected with other subjects, starting from how these paradigms are used in University of Liège higher education system. Among many interesting topics (related slides are available below), the Belgian team organizes also a workshop about the use of Zotero.



Have a look to some pictures of the event here.