Focus Group with researchers in EURECAT (Spain)

The Focus Group methodology is applied to the Spanish focus group with 6 researchers in EURECAT (Spain).

The topic is how scientists/researchers in STEM field perceive and experience scientific and technical information during their work activities.

In Topic 1 about the perception of scientific and technical information, researchers are needed of it for the state of the art, selecting and analyzing innovation, writing projects and/or proposals for companies, contrasting new ideas and finding errors in published experiments.

In Topic 2 about the experience of issues in using information, researchers declare that they evaluate, manage and apply the information when it comes to a new proposal for a company. In this case, you have to spend more time reading and acquiring the knowledge necessary to be able to respond with scientific criteria to the needs of the client.

In topic 3 about learning of information competences, researchers declare that they want to learn how to communicate what they do and their results concisely and quickly, for example through data visualization.