Focus Group with physics researchers of CNR (Italy)

The Focus Group methodology is applied to the Italian focus group with 5 physics established researchers of CNR (level R3).

The topic is how scientists/researchers in STEM field perceive and experience scientific and technical information during their work activities.

In Topic 1: about the Perception of scientific and technical information, researchers declare to use technical-scientific information for 1) state of the art new topic 2) writing scientific article 3) activity useful to discover new lines of research 4) discover and analyze networks and ongoing collaborations between other research groups 5) the design of experiments 6) to be able to place one’s own research result.7) writing articles 8) technical consulting proposals to companies 9) tutoring for students 10) to identify researchers with whom to collaborate 11) to patent 12) to identify funding opportunities.

In Topic 2 about the experience of issues in using information, researchers declare to find problems with 1) the organization and sharing of documents and articles 2) the multiplication of sources, so you have to face with documents that are not quite of high quality 3) Difficulty and time needed to update and / or change the reference manager for bibliographic management 4. the need to use tools that are shared with colleagues. 5. Information overload of tools and little ability to choose the right tool.

In Topic 3 about Learning of information competences, all researchers declare that, in order to save time, they would like to receive an update customized to their needs, when they need it, so an expert to ask to receive specific answers to their problems.