Focus Group with Agronomy researchers of University of Liège (Belgium)

The Focus Group methodology is applied to the Belgian focus group with 6 agronomy researchers of University of Liège (Belgium).

The topic is how scientists/researchers in STEM field perceive and experience scientific and technical information during their work activities.

In Topic 1 about the perception of scientific and technical information, researchers use scientific literature for teaching (current knowledge and examples), for a new project’s conception, for solving an issue in a research project, for developing new protocols.

In Topic 2 about the experience of issues in using information, researchers declare the problem of 1) lack of time; 2) charged journals (not affordable for everyone); 3) more and more bad quality articles exist so there’s a need to sort out what’s interesting and what’s not (need of critical mind). One of the solutions could be 1) ask for help (informations or leads) to (close or international) colleagues; 2) brainstorming; 3) share articles with colleagues, PhD students etc in open institutional repository; 4) share great articles with colleagues (and vice versa).

In topic 3 about learning of information competences, researchers declare that one of the main problems in STI is how to organise and evaluate it. So a training on how to evaluate article would be very useful.