Distance training. “Training design: E-learning experiences and solutions”

What do we know about e-learning?

The course, carried out online in three different days, consists in presenting some meaningful experiences made in partners’ organization in the field of e-learning: e-learning formats and models with focus on pedagogical approach and user-centred design; technological solutions developed using ITC and AI with the with the aim to automatize different stages learning process; MOOCs about evidence based practice for health professionals and about data management plan for researchers, PhD students and other professionals; the 5PMIS Information Literacy Framework, the SCRUM methodology, Information Literacy training modules for non academic researchers.

The last day is dedicated to an hands-on experience: the team learns how to apply SCRUM methodology working together at the realization of a simple product.

Aim of the entire course is deepening e-learning methodologies and reflecting on the most adequate solutions to be applied to the design of BRAIN@WORK training modules.

Venue: via Zoom